A Book and Five Stories

In 2018 I had a story published in the NSW Department of Education Magazine, Countdown. It’s called Duck Island and is a story about Meg and Freddie who find a duck’s nest under the seat of an old ferry boat. The kids work together to save the duck and her hatchlings from the boat inspector.

Since then I’ve had four more stories published in The School Magazine; two in Countdown and one in Blastoff. The Honey Guide Bird, which was set in Africa, was published in Countdown in 2018. And in 2020, Nandi, was published in Touchdown.



The story of a thief called Jack Flash also appeared in Countdown in 2019.


Sam and Leo were much too frightened


A Train in Africa (a story about the Hope Train) was published in Blastoff in 2019.

Bongani & Ugogo look for the train

In January, 2020 my story, Nandi,  about an orphan elephant appeared in Touchdown.

Bafana covers Nandi with a blanket
nandi2 2.jpeg







Nandi barges into Olie



If you would like a copy of any of these stories please email me at:  bethywill46@gmail.com

In the subject line type: Backthen Stories.

My first book, Annie and Koos of the Bushveldt, was inspired by the 1903 writings of Nonnie De La Rey, whom I believe is related to my grandmother. It is for my grandchildren, who live far in time and distance from their South African heritage. But it is also for anyone who enjoys an adventure story set in Africa.

I invite you and your children to get aboard Nonnie’s wagons with Annie and Koos. Sometimes they are frightened of the canons but mostly they have a great adventure as they meet with a black mamba. snake. a honey guide bird, a strange ghost, elephants and a comet streaking across the night sky.

Nonnie, Annie and the General
Koos and the Black Mamba Snake

Search: Annie and Koos of the Bushveldt to find suppliers and prices. Book Depository is the cheapest and includes free postage.

This year, I completed a manuscript for The Eel, which was long listed ( 2018) by HarperCollins and Children’s Book Council of Australia (NSW). in the Aspiring Authors’ Competition. It is now being considered for publication. I have my fingers crossed.

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